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In September of 2009, Steve Ng was sitting with his family eating breakfast. His younger daughter, who was four years old at the time, asked if it was a weekend day. When Steve replied, "yes," she smiled and said she liked weekends. Curiously, Steve asked why. She said, "because weekends are when the whole family eats together."

Those words caused Steve and his wife to rethink their family priorities. Both of them held marketing positions in a major corporation, which required them to spend long hours at the office. Nine months later, Steve left his corporate position, intent on improving the family dynamics of his household. The change not only improved the lives of the Ng family, but allowed Steve to apply his marketing skills and knowledge to help local non-profits and small/midsized businesses.  

While his daughters were in school, he also began teaching business communications at the University of Delaware. His interactions with college students continue to give him invaluable insights about changing communication technologies and norms.

Over time, Steve began to connect with other experienced professionals who were making similar lifestyle changes. This enabled him to develop Composite Communications into a network of highly skilled individuals who share a passion helping others, while continuing to hone their business skills.

At Composite Communications we treat your company like it is our own. 




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