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To deliver a strong message you need a composite communications strategy

Today there are more ways to reach customers than ever before, but people respond to each channel differently. We help businesses innovate and transform by combining a traditional analytical approach combined with our cutting-edge creative thinking.

Our team is comprised of people who have worked with major brands and growing startups. We bring the experience of knowing what has worked in the past while continually applying new and innovative technologies and techniques. We have highly-experienced industry experts who have both the academic credentials and real-world experience to provide you with the right communications strategy and end-to-end solutions for any messaging initiative.

Technology is rapidly changing and staying on top of it can be overwhelming for any organization. Composite Communications will develop a strategy for you across all your channels. We will not only explain what you need to do, more importantly why you need to do it. We will assist in as much or as little of the execution as you want. We want to augment your existing processes to makes your communications more effective and efficient.




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Areas of Expertise


Engaging fans, increasing your brand and driving reach is what we strive for with every client. You may not have the time or expertise to manage all of your social media-but we do! We create social campaigns that will engage your fans, drive new followers and increase your brand lift across the board. Our social media experts will quickly get to know your business and create a strategy to fit your needs and abilities.


Obtaining feedback is key to managing communications. We use multiple tools analyze the impact of our clients' messaging and that of their competitors. These analytics are the feedback we use to continually refine and evolve our communication strategies.   


88% of customers use search to find small businesses from restaurants to retails. Our team is comprised of experts in all areas of search engine marketing, advertising and optimization. As a partner with Google and Microsoft, we can get your search campaign running quickly and effectively so that the 88% of the people looking- will find you first!


People are influenced by people they trust, and trust is built over multiple interactions. Social influencers build trust with their audiences through numerous blogs, videos and social media posts. We can help you determine what role influencers should play in your communications strategy.


Brand Building is generating awareness for a company or product using advertising, promotional and social strategies. Branding is crucial aspect of company because it is the visual voice of the company. We help you develop strategies which help in creating and differentiating brand and developing right impression for the company for which it truly stands. 

Lead generation

Every business needs new customers. We analyze the behaviors of your existing customers and your competitors to create strategies to attract new leads. We also assess lead activities to adjust customer experiences to convert more leads into paying customers.


The only message which counts is the one your audience receives.


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